A few words about a great cup of coffee

It’s that time again, New Espresso Week!! This weeks coffee is brought you to by Verve Coffee Roasters. I’m familiar with Verve and I have had their coffee’s before. Verve started out in the surf town of Santa Cruz, CA and now have cafes all over the world; from San Fransisco to Tokyo. The coffee we will be taking a look at is their Sermon blend; and we will be looking at how it performs as an espresso with milk. Brewing With this coffee I didn’t pull out the refractometer. While I love the refractometer I realize that not everyone has access to one andRead More →

It’s new espresso week; which means it’s my favorite part of the week. This week’s coffee is brought to you by Tandem Coffee Roasters out of Portland, ME. This is a review of the Time and Temp Espresso blend. As with all my espresso reviews we are looking at how this coffee performs with milk. The reason for this is that by the numbers 60% of coffee sold within coffee shops in the U.S. are espresso based drinks; and a majority of those are milk based. I.E. latte’s, cortados and the ever so perfect, cappuccino. What is a proper cappuccino? In case you’re new to thisRead More →

A 100 lb lot of a natural processed Geisha from the famous Hacienda La Esmeralda sold for a world record breaking $601 per pound; for a total price of $60,100. What is Geisha? I’m sure you’ve heard of Arabica and Robusta coffees. Well Geisha is a varietal of arabica that was originally cultivated in the late 1930’s around the Ethiopian town of Gesha. The coffee started to gain popularity when the same producer mentioned above, Hacienda La Esmeralda, entered a coffee competition with one of their Geishas. The cup was so unique and unusual  that it ended up attracting a high bid of $21lb. Sense thenRead More →

It’s new espresso week! I’ve been drinking the Anodyne Nerve Tonic espresso for two weeks now and here’s what I’ve found. Are you new to Espresso? Espresso can be on fickle bi…. That’s right, working with espresso is a tough game. There are so many variables to manage to get that perfect shot. However, there are a few coffees that I feel are perfect for the beginner home barista. The Nerve Tonic Espresso is just one of those coffees. The blend is what I would consider a ‘base’ blend for most espressos. The base coffees in a great espresso blend are usually nutty and chocolateyRead More →

While hand brewing, pour over or manual brewing has become norm in the 3rd wave coffee movement there’s good reason you shouldn’t discard your batch brewer just yet. Matt Perger, head of coffee (and two-time Australian Barista Champion) for St ALi, has implemented batch brewing into their café. Even my local favorite, Two Rivers is full steam on batch brewing. Here are the top three reasons you should stick to batch brewing 1) Consistency When it comes to coffee the hardest thing to manage is consistency. With so many variables in coffee it’s hard to maintain 100% consistency with each brew. In fact, it mightRead More →

Cycling and Coffee: Here is a method that is helping cyclists drink their coffee black Why light roasts truly are better By Clint Latham – Get Free updates of new posts here You roll into your local Green Mermaid coffee chain and amongst the sea of darker coffees you see the loan wolf, the black sheep, the odd ball…. the blonde roast. Starbucks performed a taste test some years ago where they roasted one of their coffees in a manner of different degrees. The results; 42% of their customers liked the lighter roast. A question came in the other day as to why coffees inRead More →

Cycling and Coffee: Why Craft Coffee is the new black By Nick Kameron – Get Free updates of new posts here Coffee is one of the oldest, most complex, and misunderstood drinks in the world. I won’t go into the history of coffee as there are many books and resources to learn as much about the history of coffee as you could even want. What affects has the commodity market had on coffee I would like to speak on the complexity and misunderstanding of coffee. The majority of coffee consumed (well over 90%), is commodity coffee. To understand coffee, it’s important to understand what commodityRead More →

Cycling for weight loss: What Everybody Ought to Know About Cycling and Coffee Caffeine is so effective that its consumption is limited by the UCI By Clint Latham – Get Free updates of new posts here Peanut butter and jelly, ketchup and mustard, Cycling and Coffee. Things that just seem to go together. One of the great benefits of joining the cycling community is sitting down at your local cafe for your pre or post ride coffee. This coffee ritual might have a greater impact on your weight loss goals then you might realize. UCI Ban Caffeine appeared to have such an affect on performanceRead More →

Cycling and Coffee: Would you like to learn how to make cafe quality cold brew coffee from home? Bring the cafe into your home or office with this simple recipe By Clint Latham – Get Free updates of new posts here Cold Brewing is one of the easier preparation methods of speciality coffee. You create a coffee concentrate in a 16hr full submersion brew. Here’s how to do it. 1) Ratio: You are going to use a 6:1 ratio of water:Coffee. So if you use 10 grams of coffee you will use 60 grams of water. 2) Start by grinding your fav coffee to aRead More →