Cycling for weight loss: An industry secret I learned from a major sports supplement company about weight loss

Cycling for weight loss: An industry secret from a major sports supplement company about weight loss

They don’t want you to know it!

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Read this before taking pills

You’re going to hear about a valuable insight I learned, during a recent interview with the VP of a major sports supplement brand. And then I’ll walk you through exactly how to avoid it so you won’t make the same costly mistake. To learn more keep reading.

I was recently interviewed by the Vice President of a major sports supplement company. Lets call them brand X. Brand X is held by larger parent company. To get some further insights on the brand X’s direction, I asked the following question.

“What vision does the parent company has for brand X?”

His answer, “Well I don't know. To sell products at a profit.”

Needless to say I was pretty shocked. Here you are the VP of a multimillion dollar brand and you don’t know what your brand vision is? Selling products is a means to an end but its the reason ‘why’ we do things that has an impact on our success or failure. Simon Sinek gives a great TED talk about the power of why. You can check it out here.

The Why of Weight loss

Millions of people every year set out to lose weight and millions of people fail at reaching their goal. The reason. They all take the same approach as the VP. Their goal is the “what we do” rather than the “why we do”.

Lets look to this example. If I were the VP of a major supplement brand and you asked me what I do. Which is more powerful, which is easier to get behind?

“Millions of children across the United States are not eating enough vegetables. So I created “Veggie Tabs”, a fun and tasty way for children to get their 3 servings of vegetables every day.”


“I sell vegetable supplements at a profit”

Yes selling supplements at a profit is what I do with “Veggie Tabs” but its not why I do it. (Note I don’t own a company called Veggie Tabs; I just made this up as an example). The same goes for our weight loss goals. If I focus on riding my bike for the what, losing weight I miss out on the why. Thus to start cycling for weight loss; you need to understand ‘why’ you ride your bike.

Why the ‘Why’ is so important

In Dr Michele Segar’s book “No Sweat: How the simple science of motivation can bring you a lifetime of fitness” sites a study done to measure the effects why.

The study took a group of individuals who were dieting and asked them to walk a 1 mile loop through a national park. They split the individuals into two groups.

Group 1

Were asked to walk the mile for exercise.

Group 2

Were asked to walk the mile for fun and to enjoy the scenery.

At then end of the walk each group were asked to record the number of calories burned and their current mood. Both groups recorded the same number of calories burned. Yet the emotional states were quite different. Group 1 recorded that they felt bad or grumpy. While Group 2 indicated they were happy and felt great.
To compound this both groups were fed a pasta lunch at the end of the walk. With the option of water or a sugary soda to drink and apple sauce or pudding for desert. Group 2 opted for the water and apple sauce while group 1 opted for the soda and pudding.

This study created so much interest it was repeated. This time instead of feeding the participants lunch they offered them candy at the end. What did they find? The exercise group took far more candy than the fun group. How you approach physical activity really makes a difference!

Ride your bike for fun = weight loss
Ride your bike for exercise = weight gain

This is what the major supplement brands want you to focus on; exercise over fun. If you are having fun being active you will lose weight and there is a lot of research to back that up. If you get into the cycle of exercising to lose weight, you’ll never reach your goal. Then you will start opening your wallet to look for a quick fix, diet pills, supplements etc. All so you can stop the vicious cycle of exercise as soon as possible.

Chore or Pleasure

The key take away is to focus on riding your bike for the immediate benefits, the why. Because you love the fresh air on a local trail, you feel more relaxed and less stressful at work or you just love being on your bike. Cycling for Weight loss is ‘what’ will happen. Especially if you implement Ride to 75. But the why is what will get you on the bike.

Leave me a comment below and tell me ‘Why’ you love to ride your bike

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